Facoltà/Dipartimento Dipartimento Ingegneria dell'Informazione
Anno Accademico 2020
Data dell'esame finale 2022-02-21
Titolo italiano Biochemical analysis of titanium screws covered with decellularized heterologous bone tissue
Titolo inglese Biochemical analysis of titanium screws covered with decellularized heterologous bone tissue
Abstract in inglese The number of orthopedic implants used over the years is continuously increasing. In particular, titanium alloys, thanks to their characteristics, are very popular in this type of application. In the orthopedic field, a crucial aspect, in order to prevent infections and loosening, is the rapid and long-lasting fixation of the implants in the bone tissue. For this reason, researchers are placing great emphasis on the process of the direct connection between living bone tissue and the implant surface called osseointegration. One approach that is widely used and in continuous development is coating titanium implants with a substance that can rapidly promote this process. Plasma spray deposition is the most popular technique; it often uses hydroxyapatite, a bioactive ceramic that can promote the growth of bone tissue on the implant. However, the limitations of this technique have led to the need for new solutions for covering titanium implants. The purpose of this study is to develop a procedure for coating titanium implants with heterologous bone tissue of equine origin. Tests are conducted on grade 4 titanium screws using two versions of equine bone powder. The procedure used is effective on two occurrences: diluting the powder and combining it with an alkaline solution. Using IR analysis, it is possible to verify the chemical properties of the substance deposited on the implants. The spectra obtained show that the properties of the powder used remain unchanged after treatment, demonstrating that the coating process is not deleterious to the bone powder.
Controrelatore FATTORI, PAOLO
Appare nelle tipologie: Laurea specialistica, magistrale, ciclo unico
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